About US

Focused on our clients needs

We are quants.

Since 2005, our team members have spent time and effort in understanding the needs of the financial investment firms

What we excel at:

  • extracting valuable signals from financial market data.
  • building trading strategies: research, back-testing and live trading
  • constructing complex portfolios & perform risk-management

Our experienced team brings a collective 25+ years of hands-on experience from prestigious traditional hedge funds, including Hite Capital, ISAM, Welton, and Andurand Capital, as well as younger crypto funds. We have successfully extracted trading signals, built trading strategies and managed portfolios of up to $50 million USD.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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Our Edge

Innovation and AI Integration

We recognize the growing importance of artificial intelligence in the financial sector and have invested in our own research infrastructure to ensure we stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field. Our team is well-versed in AI models and leverages the latest developments in machine learning to develop state-of-the-art trading strategies.

Scientific Approach

We are committed to a no-nonsense, professional approach to financial consulting. We value transparency, integrity, and thorough research. To ensure the robustness and reliability of our trading models, we meticulously conduct research testing to avoid common pitfalls, such as look-ahead biases and model overfitting, stress-testing in different market environments

Commitment to You

Our unwavering commitment to our clients is what sets us apart. We understand that staying ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of finance is crucial, which is why we are continuously refining our methodologies and staying up-to-date with industry trends and technological advancements.


Unlock your hedge fund’s potential with us.